About Painless Stride

Our Mission

At Painless Stride, we are fighting to heal, not just the people of Colorado, but the medical system itself. This means that we strive to promote a community of “holistic” medical practitioners, because we believe medicine needs to be practiced in the context of the entire body, not just the issue in question. In other words, if one has a pain in their back, we are dedicated to searching the entire body to find the culprit, not just the local area. By adhering to this medical methodology, and promoting a community of practitioners who are dedicated to doing the same, we are fighting, everyday, to heal both our clients, and the medical system itself.

About the Founders

Shane Ditlow

Co-Founder, Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist, Certified Nutrition Coach, Certified Rolfer.

Shane's journey to co-founding Painless Stride is marked by personal triumph over chronic health challenges. From a promising athlete to battling severe disk herniations, his resilience led him from the depths of chronic pain to being a pioneer in holistic health for the community of Colorado.

Shane's transformation, fueled by holistic medicine and a steadfast determination to reclaim his health, inspired the foundation of Painless Stride alongside his childhood friend, Alexander. His experience shapes the core of Painless Stride's mission: to provide affordable, tailored wellness solutions.

With a passion for changing the landscape of medicine, Shane is dedicated to empowering others to take back their painless stride, one patient at a time.

Alexander Caruthers

Co-Founder and Head of Business Development.

At the intersection of business and public interest, comes societal prosperity. Living by this motto, Alexander is an aspiring entrepreneur and management student at Franklin University Switzerland, working to channel his passion for holistic wellness and business entrepreneurship into co-founding Painless Stride.

Motivated by his personal experiences with the numerous health challenges faced by his loved ones, Alexander is dedicated to creating accessible and individually tailored wellness solutions for the community that helped raise him.

With a hands-on approach to business and a history of community service, Alexander brings fresh perspectives and unwavering commitment to his role. As he navigates his academic journey, he simultaneously strives to expand Painless Stride's impact, with a vision that transcends geographical and societal boundaries.

Founding Story

Painless Stride and it’s mission is deeply rooted in the life experiences of it’s founders. From childhood to the present, Alexander and Shane have had to navigate the decrepit intricacies of the American health system. From Shane’s battles with disk herniation and the chronic pain that Allopathy left him with, to Alexander’s pan-parental journeys in chronic illness, both of our founding partners have been beset with the unfortunate pitfalls of the Western Medicine System. It was from the ages of about 13, and the convergence of their paths along the medical journey that they, inadvertently, had to embark on, that the duo came to found Painless Stride. 

The two, being fast friends from childhood, were forced to look on, as the athletic journey of Shane led him to suffer over four major herniations in his back by the end of his High School career. While the allopathic surgical solution that presented itself seemed appealing, the results put the promises of the surgery to shame.

Chronic pain, months of lying, in a dark room, mind, addled by prescription drugs. Alex looked on in horror at what a simple sports injury, years earlier, could do when left untreated and unrecognized by the Allopathic community. It was out of these collegiate ashes of lost scholarship opportunities, that this company's medical journey rocketed onward.

While Alexander left for College, and their two paths took somewhat different directions, their medical journey was sure to reconvene; for, in the coming months, Alex could do nothing but look on in awe. Over the course of several years, and several careers, Shane went from immobile, and overweight, to a slim and action ready hiker, prepared to take on the world of medicine. By surrounding himself with a budding community of holistic practitioners, and standing up, every day, to take back his painless stride, Shane had reclaimed his health. 

It was seeing this drastic medical overhaul that merged, for the final time, the paths of Shane and Alexander. Inspired by this transformation, Alexander, armed with a newfound collegiate and practical understanding and application of business, along with Shane, guided by his rapid and life-changing medical journey, founded Painless Stride. Formerly known as the Broomfield Rolfing Collective, their mission was to change the lives of people with stories similar to Shane's, Alex’s parents', and the numerous other individuals they knew who were beset by regular chronic pain. 

We are not just a clinic, or a business, or a community of holistic practitioners. We are a force that is changing the landscape of medicine. We pledge, to strive, every day, to provide affordable, and effective medical help, to those who need it. We pledge to give Colorado back the painless stride it deserves; one patient at a time. 

Client First Facility

As a holistic Wellness Facility, we are dedicated to finding the right treatment for each and every client that comes to us. For this reason, we have teamed up with a community of other Holistic Wellness Professionals, so we can get each patient the help they deserve; even if we don’t employ a professional who can address their issue.

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