Painless Stride Services


Experience transformative Rolfing sessions at Painless Stride. Our certified practitioners will facilitate your healing journey; enabling you to reclaim a life of freedom and movement through our expert, empathetic approach to holistic healing.

Assisted Stretching

At Painless Stride, our assisted stretching sessions offer a unique approach to enhancing flexibility and relieving tension. With the guidance of our skilled practitioners, clients experience gentle, targeted stretches designed to promote relaxation and improve overall mobility.

Nutritional Coaching

Unlock your body's potential with personalized nutritional coaching at Painless Stride. Our expert guidance helps you develop sustainable habits and achieve your wellness goals through balanced nutrition.

Corrective Exercise

At Painless Stride, our corrective exercise program focuses on restoring optimal movement patterns and addressing muscular imbalances. Through tailored exercises and attentive guidance, we help you to take back your painless stride one step at a time. 

Conditions We Can Address

  • Issues with balance
  • Walking difficulties
  • Persistent pain conditions
  • Pain in the neck region
  • Pain or stiffness in the shoulders
  • Conditions related to plantar fasciitis
  • Tendon-related conditions such as tendonitis or tendinosis
  • Conditions involving trapped nerves
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  • Syndrome related to the piriformis muscle
  • Dysfunction of the sacroiliac joint
  • Joint inflammation or arthritis
  • Pain linked to spinal curvature disorders
  • Injuries caused by repetitive movements
  • Problems due to incorrect posture
  • Persistent lower back pain
  • Spasms in the lower back area
  • Back pain associated with pregnancy
  • Headaches caused by tension
  • Dysfunction of the temporomandibular joint (TMJ)
  • Headaches originating from the neck (cervicogenic)
  • Limitations in joint movement
  • Adhesive capsulitis, often known as frozen shoulder syndrome
  • Injuries from vehicle accidents
  • Unexpected slips or falls
  • Injuries sustained during sports activities
  • Injuries treated by chiropractors
  • Whiplash-related injuries
  • Protruding or bulging spinal discs
  • Spinal disc herniation
  • Deterioration of spinal discs
  • As well as a myriad of others. Please sign up for a free consultation below!

What is Rolfing?

Rolfing is a complete body practice that helps you overcome multiple stresses that repetition and consistent pain develop over time.

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Session Rates

1 Session

Individual sessions give an opportunity to experience if structural integration is best for you! Great for touch-up work, and small pain points.

3 Sessions

The 10 series is recommended for all new clients. This holistic approach to structure and function lays a foundation for each client to best maintain their new options for posture.

10 Sessions

A small series is the best option for 10 series graduates, and provides a realistic time to start seeing a change in posture!


Absolutely! The movement education in the sessions works to increase adaptability and support, while decreasing inflammation. For overall health and wellness, nutrition and movement are always the first step to increase wellbeing. Whether your goals are to balance hormones, decrease inflammation, increase bone density, or increase balance, exercise and nutrition are necessary. When it comes to the 10 series, we often provide corrective exercises to help build more stability and mobility, so you have the necessary tools to keep bettering yourself.

If this is your first experience with Rolfing, or it’s been more than 5 years since your last 10 series, this is perfect for YOU. This is a foundational step for new clients, and a great opportunity to clear out new tension that has built up since your last sessions. If you have recently experienced the traditional 10 session series, then your body should have the adaptability to work effectively on maintenance.

At Painless Stride we are able to affect a wide variety of structural and functional issues, which don’t all fit on this page. If this is a concern then we recommend scheduling a 30 minute complimentary session in order to provide the best recommendations. If for some reason we do not have the solution, one of our professional affiliates may have the answer, and we will direct you accordingly.