Nothing but the best

To be "holistic" is to address the whole. In the context of health and wellness, this is no small feat. 

That's why we at the Holistic Wellness Alliance banded together to offer our clients a truly 'holistic' wellness experience; without sacrificing even the smallest bit of quality. We have hand picked the best holistic wellness practitioners from across the front range to give our clients the piece of mind that they are in good hands. When you see our logo on the branding of any of our affiliates, you can be certain that the alliance has your back.

Join us, and go above and beyond. Ad astra, plus ultra!

The Strength of community

Just as a bridge is nothing without it's supports, a community is nothing without the bonds that bind it together. 

This is our guiding principle.

At the Holistic Wellness Alliance, we are dedicated to maintaining a cohesive community of scholars, dedicated to the propagation of the holistic scholarly community. As such we offer numerous community events and opportunities to facilitate communal cohesion, and scholarly discourse:

    - The HWA Wellness Expo.

    - Bi-Monthly Gatherings.

    - Our Regular Community Newsletter.

    - Shared Discounts on Wellness Products and Services.

Join us today, and push the bounds of the holistic wellness community. Go above and beyond, ad astra, plus ultra!

Recommended Professionals

Dr. James Richards

Jim has spent the last 20+ years positively affecting the health and wellness of many patients in Pennsylvania and Colorado. Through the natural approach of Chiropractic care and a variety of techniques his goal is to get the body to reach its full potential.

Visit Triumphant Life Chiropractic 

Covering Wings

At Covering Wings, LLC, our mission is to provide unparalleled, compassionate, and exceptional in-home senior care, inspired by our strong Christian values.

Call (720) 442-5919  

Julianne Nagy

Julianne Nagy is a Boulder-based Rolfer who specializes in functional mobility, joint stability, postural control, and core strength development.  She is currently working on her GYROTONIC certification to offer her clients a unique, holistic approach to movement.


Melanie Cannata

True Limbs focuses on senior health and wellness through a combination of personal training, yoga, arthritis conscious exercise, and aquatics, to provide overall wellness coaching.

Visit True Limbs Wellness  

Dr. Deb Chandler

Awakening Balance Acupuncture is a full spectrum Traditional Chinese Medicine acupuncture clinic located in Northglenn that also specializes in all modalities and Chinese herbal formulas. 

Visit Awakening Balance    

Dr. Rhonda Duesterberg

Bioenergetic Medicine and is duly licensed as a Professional Counselor. Additionally, she carries certifications as an Auricular Therapist (CAT), a Biofeedback Practitioner (CBP), a Life Coach, and holds the designation of Reiki Master.



This page should be referred to only with the recommendation of our practitioners. In this way, we can ensure that any treatments we facilitate will have no adverse interactions with each other. I’m dedicated to the health of Coloradans and interested in becoming an affiliate.

That’s great! We are always excited to interview new members to our growing community. Please reach out at, or reach out to us on (720) 819-6366 so we can work together in promoting holistic wellbeing in Colorado!