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Sitejet automatically produces a version of this and it is constantly updated. 

Other Info

Manage your data

Under "My Data" you can enter your company information, such as your company name, managing director, address and contact details.

In addition, you can change your password for the customer portal here if you wish.

Manage your files

You can access the “File Management” from the menu in all phases of the project so that you can upload files, pictures, or text at any time. Simply select the files from your computer or upload them by dragging and dropping them to make them instantly available to us. You can also select images or files from your phone or take pictures and upload them right away, when accessing the customer portal via phone. We’ll be automatically notified when your files have been uploaded.

Edit your website

You can edit all aspects of the website. You have been give full access. 

View statistics

Your website statistics are activated as soon as your website is online and you begin to get visitors. This is where you can find analytics data about website visits.

View form entries

If we create a form on your website (for example, a contact form), the "Form entries" page will become available. You'll find all form entries that website visitors entered on your website listed here once the website has been published. Please let us know if you'd also like to receive these entries via email and provide us with the email address you would like to receive those entries with.